Where to go and tips for shooting in Paris!

Paris - the most romantic and fantastical place for being an artist. Everywhere you turn there is rich history hidden in the architecture, food, paintings, and language. This was my third time traveling to Paris, so I was exciting to visit with a little familiarity. I’ve complied a list of places that I found to be the best backdrops for photography. Sprinkled in are words of advice centered around navigating, lighting, and logistics. Hope you enjoy!

During this trip, I brought along the most beautiful Hanna Montazami as my model! Here we are off-the-clock sipping wine in Montmarte during a wine festival!

1.The Eiffel Tower: Obviously this is on everyone’s list! But if I can offer any words of advise if you want to shoot here-GO EARLY. As soon as you hit 8am, there are crowds of people trying to get a photo. Make sure to research the time that the sun rises (it changes depending on the time of year). Summer would probably be the best time to visit because you won’t be battling tourists at a 6am sunrise! Also I would recommend shooting in the distance away from the Eiffel Tower - near the Trocadero Gardens.

2.The Louvre: This is one of my favorite places to shoot! So many photo opps! The iconic glass pyramid and stone buildings offer a unique look to photographs. And after you are done shooting you can go inside and visit the museum!

3.Palais Royal: WARNING–we got kicked out of this location–This is a government building, so be cautious. It’s probably fine to shoot a quick instagram photo, but do not shoot a full blown production here. We had a full suitcase of clothing and a video camera with a stabilizer so we obviously looked like a bigger production. 🤷 Aside from that - the place is BEAUTIFUL!!! Definitely recommend visiting and taking pictures with the black and white columns!

4.Parisian Cafes: While I don’t have a specific cafe to recommend (nor do I remember which one this is called - so sorry!) I do think its not something to miss on your list of places to shoot! Most cafes don’t mind you taking a photo as long as you aren’t causing any traffic jams for the waiters. Order yourself a café au lait and croissant - and snap yourself a very Parisian photograph! 🥐

5.Arc de Triomphe: Not a place to miss in Paris! The exquisite monument makes for a stunning backdrop! If you get there early enough you might be able to catch the sunrise bleeding out behind the arch. Who doesn’t like a good ‘Beyonce Halo’ lighting behind your subject??

6.Pont Alexandre III: With white and gold moldings and statues towering together - this bridge overlooks the Seine River. I HAD to shoot here!! There are several areas on the bridge that make for great photo spots. I had my model walking along the bridge, posing by the statues and looking over the bridge’s edge. This area is also less likely to have hundreds of tourists in comparison to the Eiffel Tower. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a clean photograph!

7.Luxembourg Gardens: This place is a treat for the ideas. You’ll find people strolling through the grounds, sitting on benches with friends, enjoying a game of chess, or relaxing with a book in the grass. In the central area you’ll also find a beautiful large fountain! We visited in the fall so there were lots of beautiful gold leaves everywhere. Definitely not a place to miss!

8.Rue Cremieux: Off the beaten path there is a very colorful row of homes. It’s not what you typically think of when you think of Paris - but it’s something you don’t see too often! And that’s why I put it on our list! I would try to go either early in the morning or the late afternoon since the buildings are so high in reference to lighting. If you come in the middle of the day your lighting might be too harsh here.

Notable Mentions!! The last few places on my list aren’t necessarily the best for editorial photography - but definitely a place I think you should check out as a tourist!

Ladurée at the Champs Elysees: Treat yourself to desert on their beautiful patio! We ordered several different kinds of macarons and Champagne! 😜

Montmarte: A beautiful little town nestled on the top of the hill overlooking the city. You’ll find artists hand painting and selling their work, cute restaurants, and a church called the Sacré Coer.

Versailles: About a 40 minute Uber ride outside of the city - but so worth it!!! It’s for sure a day trip if you want to see everything including the garden. Buy your tickets in advance if you want to skip the line. I highly recommend renting a golf cart in the garden for a quick and fun way to view the grounds!

Thank you so much for reading along! I hope this helps in your journey to capturing the best photos while in Paris, France! If you’re traveling to Paris-please hit me up if you have questions! I’m always down to help in any way that I can-message me on Instagram at @champagneunicorns 🦄 or send me an email at 💌