Icelandic Air Hotels

I think I’m going to lay my cards on the table and just say that Iceland is my favorite place to visit in the world thus far. Our experience in Iceland was literal magic-but that doesn’t go without a huge thank you to Icelandic Air Hotels, because otherwise we probably would have been sleeping outside in the cold inside a tent. Don’t get me wrong-I LOVE camping and experiencing nature first hand-but this trip to Iceland was not completely a ‘dirty boots’ type adventure. We were shooting almost everyday and I had to keep my crew warm and happy with a fresh bed, shower, and coffee every day. Enter Icelandic Air, Reykjavik Marina.

Our hotel was set in Reykjavik-the capital of Iceland-overlooking the ocean and very close to all the downtown shopping/restaurants. The architecture and art of Iceland holds a very Scandinavian influence mixed with medieval roots-bold colored cement buildings mixing with grass roofs set in the farm lands. Reykjavik Marina had a mix of modern and contemporary accents in their design-very cozy, warm, and filled with fun art installations. Definetly worth a check out if you ever find yourself in Iceland-or least drop by for a fish n’chips in their restaurant :)