How to get PAID as a Creative

Advice on Pitching Yourself

Let’s get one thing straight-everyone wants to know this stuff and no one is willing to share the information. I’m honestly a little bit nervous giving up this advice because it’s taken me so long to accumulate the knowledge. But I’m so tired of this competitive culture surrounding photographers that something needs to change. We aren’t helping or supporting each other and that’s wack.

So here is goes-take this info, run with it, and share it with your other fellow photo comrades so we can keep growing and building a higher value for our work collectively:

1. FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN OFFER. Are you a fashion photographer? Wedding photographer? Are you reallyyy good at taking photos of products or have a knack for getting that picture perfect flat lay shot? What ever it is-know what it is. Put yourself in a company’s shoes: why would they want to work with you over anyone else?

2. DRAFT THAT PERFECT EMAIL. Ok, so now you got that ‘thing’ you’re super passionate about 💁 Now it’s time to tell people about it and get you off and running. Let’s get crackin’ on writing your first draft, second draft, third, fourth…tenth–whatever it takes. This is basically what they call in show biz your ‘elevator pitch’. Tons of companies get hundreds-if not thousands-of emails everyday. You got like the first two sentences to get them to keep reading or else they hit that ‘junk mail’ button. I’ve been at this for years and I’m still constantly rewriting my pitch email. Alexis Teichmiller has an amazing brand template that’s perfect for starting (check out her podcast too!!).

3. GET USED TO HEARING “NO”. That’s right. Get all your tears out now-cuz’ it’s going to be hard. If you can’t take a thousand people ignoring your emails or outrightly saying “no”, then go home Roger. There’s a reason why not very many people can do this-because it’s hard to hear ‘no’ without feeling like a failure. Just keep that tunnel vision, know your value, and trudge through those nay’ sayers.

4. MAKE AMAZING WORK. Well, duh. You’ve got to have the dance moves to back up that talk. No company is going to want to work with you if don’t deliver those amazing photos of coffee you so explicitly chalked yourself up for being a master of. If this is what you love, you got to be constantly moving and working at your craft. Watch tutorials, schedule test shoots with models, have friends proof-read your pitch email, etc. On the other hand: Don’t feel like a failure if you’re not on the cover of Vogue yet. Just set goals and keep showing up to class.

Woohoo! There you go :) Hope this was helpful to you. Do you run your own photo business? Are you trying to build more clientele? Hit me up on the gram and let me know! @champagneunicorns 🦄