Dream-Check Yourself

How to Break False-Realities & Believe in the Dream

It’s time for a “dream-check” ladies and gentlemen. Kind of like a ‘reality-check’, but the opposite. With reality-checks we ask ourselves to get our heads out of the clouds and stop day-dreaming. Sometimes that’s totally needed-but then a lot of times, we tend to take our reality-checks too far. We start to build false realities around us. We tell ourselves: “I can’t accomplish that, it’s too hard” or “I’m not good enough” and even “I’m unworthy of achieving such an amazing dream.” Well, I think it’s time we cut that shit out and dream-check ourselves. 😉 Get your head back in the clouds and start imagining a reality where you will achieve your goals. Because you CAN accomplish all that you want. Why choose to live in the opposite reality?

1. You are everything.

You have inside yourself all the tools needed to achieve your goals. It’s funny (and very sad) that so many of us, tell ourselves the opposite on a daily basis. I truly believe that the passions we have are not a coincidence. Whatever your soul is calling for-whatever passionate flame that is burning deep inside yourself-is there for a reason. So don’t shit-talk yourself into thinking you can’t accomplish your dreams!! We all fall into these conversations with ourselves-the ones were we start to build and build a false reality around how we are less than extraordinary and unworthy of achieving our dreams. BUT, I ask you this: why on earth would you think that you’ve been given a deep passion to achieve something but not given the tools to accomplish those dreams? Do you honestly think the whole universe hated you so much- that it would prevent you (from the very beginning of life) the deep satisfaction of truly being yourself? Because what you love and long for is 100% YOU. Love yourself, believe that you are everything. Believe that you are worthy of happiness and the satisfaction of accomplishing your dreams.

2. Be your inner “wolf mother” (or father).

This is the side of you that DOES believe you are everything. It’s the side of you that knows who you truly are and loves you for YOU. It’s the side of you that has always been there, but maybe has been tucked away and ignored over time. Do you find your mind during the day, dreaming about something different than what you are currently doing? It’s because that inner wolf inside yourself is howling to be released and put in a place more in-line with who you really are. Your wolf mother is the person who is on-track with their goals and confident in their work. The person who is happy and blissfully theirselves. The person who slaps away the shit-talking and embraces the self-love side of thinking. SO-be your inner wolf mother. Nurture her, feed her, release her. Because you will never achieve your goals if you are constantly shit-talking yourself. Be appreciative of who you are and what you’ve done. It will breathe confidence inside yourself and launch you into your achieving dreams.

3. We all have ‘bad’ days.

I’m not going to ignore that. I’m also not going to say some fluffy explanation on how to not have bad days. In fact, I’m saying the opposite: embrace the bad days. Don’t invite them everyday and drive yourself into a point of depression, but once and a while, I think they are important-if not totally natural-to have. Having a bad day and allowing yourself to be upset, can actually help you be more in-line with your goals and understanding your ‘deeper/inner-self’. We were all built with an internal ‘warning system’- a mental mechanism to help us understand what we do and do not like or agree with. When you start to feel negative emotions centered around what you are currently doing-that’s your inner warning system telling you, “Hey! I don’t like this. This isn’t in-line with who I am or what I want to be doing.” Don’t ignore this!! Many people fall into the pit of staying in a job they don’t want to be working or a relationship that isn’t as fruitful as it should be. But somehow a lot of us still find ourselves ignoring those warning signs! However I will say, don’t confuse your insecurities as ‘warning signs’-sometimes our self-doubt can wiggle us out of the path we want to be taking. So listen carefully to what your heart is telling you and understand the difference between your wolf mother voice and false reality comments.

4. Own who you are.

This may sound super cliché, but yes-I think we should all be unapologetically ourselves. There is beauty in how unique you are and no-one else is quite like you. 😉 So, walk out of that home of yours wearing all the colors in your closet, sing for the customers in-line at the grocery store, and welcome your inner wolf-mother into the present moment. I myself have spent many waking hours of my youth caring too much about what others think of me-and you know what?? WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU. Their thoughts don’t matter!! What does matters are your thoughts!! You are the captain of your ship and you say what goes. So if we are working with this mindset-why not dance in public?? Why not be the ‘life of the party’ instead of waiting for the ‘life of the party’ to arrive?? If you were to pretend to be someone who didn’t care what others thought of you-would you be living your life any different? And if so-why pretend? Find the empowerment inside yourself and drop those insecurities off at the curb. A great way to fuel your dreams is believing that you are dazzling and exceptional in every way.✨

This has been the catalyst behind a new wave of thinking for me. And the more I share these thoughts with friends, the more I realize that so many of us are in the same boat and no one is talking about it! So, I hope this will help fuel your fire and inspire you to keep moving forward. Don’t give up-YOU GOT THIS. 💪 I love hearing from you guys, send me an email at hello@champagnevictoria.com or DM me on Insta @champagneunicorns🦄 ✨ Cheers, my friends!