Champagne Victoria Photography

Hi, my name is Champagne 👋

No-this isn’t a joke. It’s my actual birth name. Raised under the hot Californian sun, with feet as bare as the chickens and horses I grew up with, my creative impulses blossomed and birthed me into the person I am today.

It all started with my mother’s old 1976 Canon EA-1 film camera and forcing my siblings to model her 80’s style pant suits (you know the kind, the bright purple ones!). What began just as a hobby, has now become my life passion. I currently spend my time shooting between the greater Los Angeles area and abroad in countries all over the world.

I should have known that the teenage-girl, who spent her free time dressing up friends with her mother’s closet-full of vintage, would become a fashion photographer.

I’m probably enjoying a cup of tea or cuddling with my cat Pony and dreaming of ways I can help other brands create unique photography that would allow them to grow their business and tell their unique story.

I love the moments in life when we feel completely outside our body and at peace with the world. I whole-heartedly believe that our passions in life take us there.

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