Photo Adventure in Iceland

No amount of high definition pictures or video clips will do Iceland justice.

Even as a photographer-who was itching to capture everything I saw-had to put down my camera and take in the beauty before me. Rolling moss covered lava fields, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos, and water so clear and blue you couldn’t tell where the ocean met the sky. The country-girl inside me squealed with joy as I saw sheep and Icelandic horses every turn of the head. It was an experience not like any other.

Everyone who’s been to Iceland will tell you the same- “It’s beautiful. You have to go!”
But let’s get past the beauty-there’s more there then the gorgeous hikes, scuba diving between tectonic plates, blue lagoons, and black sand beaches. There is a stillness in the air that comforts you deep inside your soul. The energy of the island breaks past all your walls, all the insecurities you hold for your career, all the drama going on back at home, and offers you something real. When you’re out in the nature of Iceland there’s no emails to catch up on, no deadlines, no world living inside your tiny phone. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just enjoy everything around you and live in this moment.

Brands: Matisse Footwear, Raga LA, Whimsy & Row, Adelyn Rae, Love Strength, Ever-Pretty, ASTR the Label, 525 America, Brixton, Cosabella, Blue Eyed Girl, Wolf Gang, Revolve.

Katherine in Iceland wearing 525 America

Katherine in Iceland wearing 525 America